How To Connect Fm Transmitter To Iphone

Do you have an FM transmitter and wondering how to connect it with iPhone? In this post, you will get some information that will help you to connect the FM transmitter with your iPhone. If you have an FM transmitter, you can use the FM transmitter to listen to your favorite music while you are driving.

Best ways to Connect FM Transmitter to iPhone

  • There are various ways to connect your transmitter with iPhone, but I will share with you a method that is the most effective.
  • First of all, open up your iPhone and download the FM transmitter app. You can download the app from Apple Store.
  • Connect the FM transmitter to the USB port of the computer.
  • Open the iTunes and select the device from the drop down menu.
  • Select the FM transmitter from the list and click on the Sync button.

Now, you will get a message saying that the FM transmitter is connected to the iPhone. You can now enjoy your favorite songs while you are driving.


This was the best way to connect FM transmitter to iPhone. If you have any queries related to this topic, then feel free to share them with us in the comments section.


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