How To Use Iworld Wireless Fm Transmitter

iWorld is one of the best Bluetooth device manufacturers that makes devices for fitness, health, home, and entertainment. iWorld is known for its products that are designed keeping in mind the ease of usage and reliability. The range of its products is so large that you can use it for a variety of purposes.

Here are some of the best and most effective tips to use iWorld wireless fm transmitter:

1. local and international radio stations

The iWorld fm transmitter is a portable Bluetooth device that allows you to listen to any radio station. The iWorld fm transmitter is an easy and convenient way to connect to your radio. It is used for listening to local and international radio stations, and the best part is that the transmitter is powered by batteries.

2. works as a remote control

The iWorld wireless fm transmitter works as a remote control for your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. The device is so powerful that you can control it even while you are driving a car. The transmitter has a unique button that lets you listen to the radio.

3. built-in speaker

It has a built-in speaker that makes it easier to listen to your favorite songs. You can also add a headphone jack for better sound quality. iWorld has an audio mode that lets you adjust the volume.

4. compatible 

This Bluetooth device is not just limited to listening to the radio. You can also use it to stream music, videos, and games to your phone. It is compatible with all types of phones and tablets.

5. Range

The iWorld transmitter has a range of up to 25 meters and is highly efficient. You can use this device for listening to your favorite radio stations.


The iWorld wireless fm transmitter is a great device that allows you to listen to the radio easily and conveniently. It is a must have device for those who want to listen to the radio while on the go. So, check it out and start using it.


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